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  • Glassskinz Glassskinz Name: Shirley
    Product(s) Purchased: I purchased a glassskinz tekno 1 for my 2016 mustang Gt! Gloss black!
    Testimony: This by far is one best mods I have purchased for my mustang!! The quality is top of the line. Everywhere I go people stopping to ask me questions about where I got it! I walk away from my car and can't stop staring at it!!!!! The amazing service and install that was done for me was like nothing I have ever experienced in the car industry just overall totally satisfied 100%!! I recommend this product and company to anyone!! I will answer any questions too!! I'm so in love with it!!!
  • xb hatch handle xb hatch handle Name: Mike
    Product(s) Purchased: xB Scion Hatch Handle Replacement 04-06 :76801-52130 + color match Solar Yellow
    Testimony: WOW!! The kit came last week and I installed it today! I'm a Graphic Artist and not a mechanic, anybody can tackle this project. The Toyota dealer, where I bought my 2005 xB, in 2005, wanted around $400! Give me a break! Bye-bye dealership. The instructions say 20 minutes but it took me around 60-90 minutes. "I do one thing at a time. II do it very well and then I move on". I'm back in the saddle after 2 years without a proper working hatch. Very pleased with the purchase and how easy it was to work the problem!! Go for it people!!
  • Metal Scion tC Hatch Handle Metal Scion tC Hatch Handle Name: Mike N
    Product(s) Purchased: Hatch handle replacement for scion tC
    Testimony: So much better than the OEM handle! Thanks for the great service.
  • xb hatch handle review xb hatch handle review Name: Brandon
    Product(s) Purchased: Rear hatch handle for 05 Scion Xb
    Testimony: I have been driving around with a broken rear hatch handle on my 05 Scion Xb for what seems like forever!! I had it tapped together and it looked made me hate my car!! I finally hit my breaking point and I found you guys on the web and I'm beyond happy with how it turned out. It was so easy to follow your step by step instructions and only took me 20 minutes to fix!! I will be passing out the extra business cards you gave me to any and every scion I see with a broken handle!! Thank you!!
  • tC Hatch Handle Metal tC Hatch Handle Metal Name: Nissa Rodinec
    Product(s) Purchased: tC hatch handle replacement
    Testimony: solid metal piece, easy installation, finish is nice. I definitely recommend this. So glad you had it available! Thank you!
  • tC Hatch Handle Metal tC Hatch Handle Metal Name: Breck W
    Product(s) Purchased: tC Hatch Handle
    Testimony: Mounted the new handle today. Fits like a glove! Paint color matches exactly. DId I mention the fit is perfect?!!! I can finally peel all the tape off the hatch that had been holding the old handle in place.
  • tC Hatch Handle Metal tC Hatch Handle Metal Name: Darius Vargo
    Product(s) Purchased: Scion tc 05-10 hatch handle
    Testimony: Best there is if your tired of buying ones on ebay that break 3 weeks later or tired of having to buy them on craigslist get this one it's the last one you will need ever become of the awesome design it's ALL METAL!!!! the ONLY all metal one worth every penny never have to replace it again and it's super easy to install 15 mins tops
  • xB Hatch Handle Survives crash! xB Hatch Handle Survives crash! Name: Stuart R.
    Product(s) Purchased: Scion xB Hatch Handle Replacement
    Testimony: Purchased the replacement handle about 5 years ago. Wife's xBox got rear ended recently (replacement handle survived crash fine) so ended up buying a used hatch. Of course the handle on that broke too. Luckily I kept the one I bought from you guys which is now securely attached to the used hatch. Thanks!!!
  • RC51ED RC51ED Name: RC51ED
    Product(s) Purchased: FRS/BRZ/GT86 13 + Trunk Brace 2 Piece : D2BDTBRDBL
    Testimony: So I realized that my car would creek from driving off certain driveways at an angle. I searched long and hard online for something to remedy that symptom and the only one that I have found is this trunk brace. I decided to try it out. It wasn’t expensive for a trunk and rear strut brace. When I received it. The brace wasn’t lining up with each other. I contacted Stephen and he assured me that it was made to those specs. He even took one off the shelf and showed me the same result. He states that the brace needs tension so that it wouldn’t have to wait for the car to flex in order to absorb the flex. I even verified it with some of my mechanic friends. They say that when the even install a strut tower bar they also relieve the suspension and body flex by lifting it up before they tighten everything down. So attached everything down and then came the test.
    I went out for a drive. First thing I did was to check the creek coming off the driveway. I turned the car at an angle that the rear right tire was still on the sidewalk. Not a single creek. So far so good. Then I tried abrupt turning. I nudged the wheel to the left and to the right. The car felt different. It seemed like it wanted to turn faster. The rear wheels followed the front tires faster than before. I have stock suspension so I wasn’t expecting the car to feel that much more stiffer. In the past I never felt this much more improvement in a brace. It’s a must if you like driving in the canyons.

  • Corsa FRS/BRZ Cat Back Exhaust Corsa FRS/BRZ Cat Back Exhaust Name: Wilson
    Product(s) Purchased: Corsa Catback Exhaust
    D2 Racing RS Coilovers
    Testimony: So i came to Stephen full of questions and instead of just dismissing me because he was too busy running a company he took the time to find out what i wanted and the best possible product for me. When i told him i wanted a thick exhaust and one that had a deep note he took me thru the different exhausts out there and described them to me to where it made sense, he reccommended the Corsa and i fell in love with it. Then when i came back to get suspension he told me everything i needed to know to make a decision over springs or coils. Again, he didnt just say, "just buy this of mine" he explained the advantages and disadvantages of all choices. He reccommended the D2 coilovers and are by far the highest quality coils we have in the group and everyone is very competetively priced. I will continue coming back to him and trusting his wealth of knowledge when it comes to vehicles. I couldnt be happier with the help he has given me.
  • Greddy Rocket Bunny Version 2 Military Discount Greddy Rocket Bunny Version 2 Military Discount Name: johnny lee parker
    Product(s) Purchased: greddy rocket bunny wide body kit version 2
    Testimony: so time and time again I have reached out for help from companies and got the boot looking for someone to help me get a military discount MR. Saporito has done so much for me I can not stress how thankful I am for his help. he didn't have to bend over backwards and take the time out of his day to help me out since ordering expensive parts while being deployed in Afghanistan can be a real pain thankyou I plan on doing business in the future and cannot wait thanks for the help your customer care is outstanding!

    PFC Parker, Johnny L.
    United States Army
  • Testimonial D2BD Motorwerks. Name: ToddMS
    Product(s) Purchased:
    Testimony: I love that you expanded beyond scion. Although I see myself as a Scion owner for a while I like to know my options are open to work with a reputable company! Congrats again.
  • Testimonial D2BD Motorwerks. Name: ToddMS
    Product(s) Purchased:
    Testimony: I love that you expanded beyond scion. Although I see myself as a Scion owner for a while I like to know my options are open to work with a reputable company! Congrats again.
  • Testimonial D2BD Motorwerks. Name: ToddMS
    Product(s) Purchased:
    Testimony: I love that you expanded beyond scion. Although I see myself as a Scion owner for a while I like to know my options are open to work with a reputable company! Congrats again.
  • FRS/FT86 Fog Light Kit FRS/FT86 Fog Light Kit Name: Ethen Cornejo
    Product(s) Purchased: FogLights (FRS)
    Testimony: Whether your looking for more lighting on the street, or just trying to give your ride a cleaner esthetic look, these fog lights will get the job done. The kit is well formulated and the quality of the product appears to to clean and comparative to what you would expect to see from a dealership. However on the note of installation, Basic or Journeyman level automotive experience at the least, is needed to insure that everything's installed correctly. So just ask yourself before you receive your kit " Should I do this or let the dealer/local shop? " I think you would agree with me when I say getting wires crossed or something of that nature would suck on your new ride! Some people don't like the switch, I do it seems to be good quality and looks factory when installed in the car next to the trunk button, however wire locations are not marked on the back of the switch so be sure to watch the videos I have provided on the site. In conclusion I highly recommend these to anyone that has a FRS/GT86 as it gives the car a much cleaner and exotic finish to the front of the car! I personally upgraded to 8k HIDs ( available at D2BD as well in the drop down) and I love em, the lighting combined with the great esthetic look and product quality, is what I believe to be the Best Bang For your Buck! Thanks Steve
  • FRS Exhaust components review530 FRS Exhaust components review530 Name: Tim Smith
    Product(s) Purchased: Borla headers, perrin pipes, hks exhaust, greddy exhaust
    Testimony: Had some issues with the hks exhaust but got it exchanged out with the greddy exhaust, Steve has been great to work with in his knowledge and customer service. I will be using him for every purchase I have. He has been great!!!!!
  • xb hatch handle reimbursement xb hatch handle reimbursement Name: Romeo Lee
    Product(s) Purchased: xB/bB Scion Hatch Handle Replacement 04-06
    Testimony: Easy to install and better quality, make sure call Toyota or Scion and ask for quote for aftermarket installation, submit with quote and letter explaining why you have to install yourself, do follow up call and make sure speak to someone,Scion staff are pretty helpful, got reimburse around 4 to 5 weeks.
  • FRS/FT86 Fog Light Kit FRS/FT86 Fog Light Kit Name: James Lindquist
    Product(s) Purchased: Fog Lights - Item #D2BDGOFFRS13
    Testimony: Exactly the look and the functionality that I was looking for. It gives the front end a more finished and refined look. Had the dealer install. I wanted the toggle switch placed lower left side next to the trunk release (and interior light adjustment)- as there is a blank spot to accommodate the switch. However, a hole would need to be cut. Dealer is looking to see if Scion makes a different face plate to accommodate the light adjustment and trunk release - plus a blank knock out for a switch. Extremely satisfied with the product.
  • Takeda Stage-2 PRO DRY S Intake FRS/BRZ TM-2013B-D/TM-2013B-R Takeda Stage-2 PRO DRY S Intake FRS/BRZ TM-2013B-D/TM-2013B-R Name: Keith
    Product(s) Purchased: Takeda Air Intake for 2013 Scion FRS
    Testimony: I must say that a lot of companies try to just get you to order their products then they don't care about you otherwise. It's so different with this company, Steve was very willing to talk on the phone and go over the product very thoroughly with me before I placed the order. Not to mention I ordered it and had the product the next day. I will continue to order through this great company and also I respect the fact that this compnay honors Men such as myself and Women that serve in the military with discounts.
  • FRS/BRZ/FT86 Parts Testimonial FRS/BRZ/FT86 Parts Testimonial From: (Customer)
    Date: Feb 20th, 2013 3:35pm
    Name: Art Karl
    Product(s) Purchased: Injen Cold Air Intake & Perrin cat back exhaust Scion FR-S
    Testimony: Just wanted to say thank you for such great service and support throughout the process. The Injen intake and exhaust were installed yesterday and they are both of incredible quality. The fact that ScionPro kept me updated every step of the way from purchase to shipping (the Perrin exhaust was on back order). Outstanding experience and would recommend to anyone looking for high quality parts from a high quality trustworthy source.
  • xB/BB Hatch Handle Replacement xB/BB Hatch Handle Replacement Name: Craig Shimizu
    Product(s) Purchased: Scion XB hatch handle replacement
    Testimony: Got a partial refund on shipping without asking for it! How's that for class? Part was a perfect match and installation was easy with the instructions. Had a question that was answered within hours on a holiday!!!!
  • xB/bB Hatch Handle Replacement xB/bB Hatch Handle Replacement Name: Aaron
    Product(s) Purchased: Xb rear hatch handle replacement.
    Testimony: Works perfectly and easy to install. Hint: don't try to do it in the dark like I did.

    Buy this. Now.
  • D2BD Coil Overs tC1 05-10 D2BD Coil Overs tC1 05-10 WOW d2bd coils 09 tc

    I cant say enough about how much I love these coilovers I usually ride around on 8 on the front and 5 in the rear for the dampener setting and maxed out on the ride height they ride so smooth and tight i would suggest these to anyone who wants to tear up the street. I can only imagine how good these would be on the track. Calvin K.
  • xB/bB Hatch Handle Replacement xB/bB Hatch Handle Replacement Name: Conor
    Product(s) Purchased: Hatch Handle for a 2005 Scion xB (Onyx Blue)
    Testimony: Great product. Great service. I am recommending to this site to all Scion xB owners. Hatch handle was a perfect match and really easy to install (and I know NOTHING about cars). Only thing to note is that it takes longer than 20 minutes to install because of the time it takes to pop off the plastic clips on the rear interior piece without breaking them. Thank you, ScionPro!
  • xB/bB Hatch Handle Replacement xB/bB Hatch Handle Replacement From: (Customer)
    Date: Jul 3rd, 2012 9:58pm
    Name: Meloney Robles
    Product(s) Purchased: Scion Hatch Handle for Generation 1 XB
    Testimony: I was extremely pleased with my purchase from Scion Pro. My hatch handle broke on my 2005 Scion XB. Looked at a lot of places but decided to buy from Scion Pro because I wanted a quality part that will last. It is color matched to my car. Shipping was quick and customer service great. Product matched perfect and my only comment would be keep the old parts you need a few things for the lights, but they sell those if you need them. I didn't need the part for the light, mine was fine. Happy with my purchase and I'd recommend them to others.
  • Airlift Air Bag Replacement Airlift Air Bag Replacement Aug, 1, 2014 3:40pm
    Name: Martin Marcuse
    Product(s) Purchased: Replacement air bag
    Testimony: Steve got me a replacement airbag at the best price anywhere on the internet. After blown shipping dates by Airlift, Steve got the shipping upgraded to express at no additional charge. Bag arrived before the weekend and I had it installed in a few hours Saturday morning. What impresses me most is, I know there wasnt much margin of profit in the bag, but i was treated like it was a million dollar deal. Much respect for the way you handle your business.
  • xB Hatch Handle xB Hatch Handle Name: Edward Launt
    Product(s) Purchased: 2005 Scion xB Hatch Handle Replacement. Solar Yellow
    Testimony: The handle arrived quickly and I was given several updates while tracking it. Customer service was excellent and the handle was amazing. Installation was simple and the hatch handle is 10 times sturdier than the stock one with an extra metal bolt to hold it into place(a lot stronger than the plastic clips) My RS 2.0 Solar Yellow is a perfect paint match, absolutely flawless. It's an awesome feeling to open my rear hatch again without gripping the the door first! I definitely recommend this product to everyone in need!
  • Coil Overs 04-06xB Coil Overs 04-06xB Name: Juan Ch
    Product(s) Purchased: ScionPro coilovers for xB 04
    Testimony: Great and easy install for the coilovers. Even better how the car feels, definitely top parts with Awesome customer service and advice from Steve. My xB looks and rides awesome. Here's some pics

    Thanks so much!

  • xB Stainless Steel Engine Kit xB Stainless Steel Engine Kit Name: Josh Kruse
    Product(s) Purchased: full engine kit, and window trim, and dash trim
    Testimony: I love all of your products that I have:) now looking to get the xB Stainless Steel Upper Dash Kit 04-06
    ..... :) all of your work is always top notch, fitment is perfect. Thank you for making such a quality product!
  • xB/bB Hatch Handle Replacement xB/bB Hatch Handle Replacement Jan 7th, 2012 4:51pm
    Name: Martin
    Product(s) Purchased: ScionPro - xB Hatch Handle Replacement (1F4 Shadow Mica)
    Testimony: The part arrived quickly, shipping updates were emailed several times, & customer service was excellent. The color match is perfect (Shadow Mica); looks just like the original. Directions & replacement are straight forward. It took me about 20 minutes to replace & half of that time was spent cleaning out the dust/grime from behind the old hatch handle. The part is a perfect fit. I am very pleased and would definitely recommend ScionPro and this replacement hatch handle. Thank You ScionPro!
  • D2BD Coils xB 04-06 D2BD Coils xB 04-06 By Chris Chan:
    Hi Steve,

    Sorry for the late response, been busy with work.

    Yes, everything arrived safely. I had the coilovers installed about a week ago and everything
    went smoothly. The ride feels more secure than with my previous set of Buddy Club Racing Specs,
    although it's a little more firm. That's what I get for slamming the car to the ground, but it's nothing
    I'm not already getting used to.

    Overall I am extremely pleased with the purchase. Your product offers the INSANE ride height adjustment,
    damper settings, build materials and quality workmanship I've been looking for, but couldn't find in other
    systems at the same price point. Did I mention the price? $995 OTD is a steal.

    I wouldn't hesitate recommending this setup to other Scion owners who are looking to alter their suspension but
    unsure of their options. These coils are SICK!! To top it off, your level of customer service is unheard of. Returning
    a customer's call from your cell phone after you've already left the office? That's awesome, Steve.

    Feel free to cut/paste this review to your website. I'll be sure to upload pics to ScionPro's FB page when I free up
    some time for a detail and photoshoot.

  • D2BD Scion tC Coil Overs D2BD Scion tC Coil Overs D2BD tC Coil Overs:By Dennis Morida

    First, I must say excellent customer service. Where else will the owner of a company call you back on his cell phone to answer your questions after hours? Well Steve does. I am the proud owner of Scionpro D2BD Coil Overs for the tC. These replaced my Tien lowering springs. I have tested these Coil Overs for about 6 months and over 10,000 miles. I race Autocross a weekend a month and drive to and from work putting on 1,000 miles every two weeks. Everything about these units screams quality inside and out. The install was easy by following along;highlight=coilover+diy Just be sure to get your car aligned as to not eat up your tires. These units go very low, maybe too low on the lowest setting, like scraping on speed bumps and tires hitting your fenders low. I was first scraping my fenders that are rolled until fine tuning my height. The settings are fully adjustable and the dampening is great from floating on clouds to stiff and making precise turns. Mono Tube Gas Charged, Pillow Ball Top Mounts, Camber Plates are Standard and New Front End Links now that’s Bad Ass! The Camber Plates are perfect for you guys that race. Set your alignment in the middle of the camber plate or the far edge for daily driver and less ware and tear on the tires and on track day adjust to your specs. When finished racing, change back to where you set the original alignment, that easy. I am very impressed with everything about the D2BD Coil Overs. I can’t even think of anything bad to say about them. It’s truly a work of art. The great craftsmanship, quality it’s durable, dependable and for the price unbelievable. Check out my cardomain site to see all about it.
  • Australia xB Air Ride Australia xB Air Ride Name: Chris Brown : Melbourne Australia Victoria Province
    Product(s) Purchased: xB2 digital air ride
    Testimony: Contacted Steve with a quiery about shipping to Australia. Got an immediate reply at what would have been a late hour of the night in the States.
    Steve helped out with pictures and updates throughout the whole purchase. Very quick shipping, I would have no drams recommending Scionpro to anyone.
    The best customer service and best prices.. will definitely be a returning customer.
  • tC Air Ride/Michael Gonzales tC Air Ride/Michael Gonzales From: (Customer)
    Date: Sep 7th, 2011 11:39pm
    Name: Michael
    Product(s) Purchased: TC Complete Air Ride System 05-10
    Testimony: First thing and the most important thing is communication. Second most important thing is if there knowledgeable about there products. I am deployed and wanted to bag my tc. I email scion pro and with 1 min I received an responded. Unlike other places and shops around my car no answer ecp for one. Scion pro knew this product from top to bottom left to right. Answered all my questions no matter what I asked. I also have to say SCION PRO SUPPORTS THERE TROOPS. Unlike other stores and online shop that say they do. Scion pro even went out of there way to mail me the t-shirt,stickers,and banner here to Kuwait. In all dont think twice before ordering or even asking questions. Great service and YES I would buy again from scion pro. I will write another testimony when i install the kit on the tc.
  • xB Air Ride /Corey Roussell xB Air Ride /Corey Roussell Name: Cory Roussel
    Product(s) Purchased: xGangster Mid Wing, Stainless Window Trim, HD Wheels Switch, Easy Street Air Ride
    Testimony: Great products and super great customer service! Only man/company I've ever dealt with that called me up the day my spoiler came in to make sure I installed it right. Was very helpful with the purchase of my bags and wheels. I know I probably bugged him a lot about it as it was my first bag set up, but he helped me in every way he could. Thanks Stephen!
  • xB Hatch Handle xB Hatch Handle Hey Stephen,

    I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to receive such fast and professional service. I've been a professional sax player since 1960. I still do it because I've never lost my passion for it.
    You have that same passion, my friend. I signed on to your Facebook page and saw that right away.

    I don't really trick my car out(outside of putting a "Boxter" decal under the xB on my black 2005 automatic trans xB, just to mess with the driving public here in "Lost" Angeles a bit), but I'll be paying you another visit soon.

    I bow deeply in your general direction. Thanks again for being so quick with sending the hatch handle out. I think it wil go well with that Boxter decal.

    Love, Peace & Happiness

    Dave "Woody" Woodford
    "Lost" Angeles, California
  • Gen 2 Window Trim Gen 2 Window Trim

    When people sale things on-line they usually have an attractive model, or a kick ass car next to the product because it makes the product mentally; more appealing. It effects the sale of the product 75% of the time. I received the product and had an issue with the installation. (Simply put I misunderstood something) The product was installed on my car and is every bit of exceptional quality as stated on the site. I never leave feed back but I was impressed with not only the product but the customer service. Truth be told we don't see the value in customer service until we use it. I received all three: Service, Quality, and Price.

    Tha Bear Scion Ridez Of Houston Captain.

    Jesse Parker - 03/03/2011
  • xB Hatch Handle xB Hatch Handle Name: Bill Larsen
    Product(s) Purchased: xB Hatch Handle 04-06
    Testimony: xlint xB grab handle. The installation took a lot more than 20 minutes... the first time. My ride is now pimped (not on purpose since I am in demographics that Toyota didn't want with gen 1). Little did I know I would have to trace problems with the license plate lights. All seems well now. Thanks and may I get another 100,000 miles with as few problems.
  • xB/xA Air Ride/Josh McCombs xB/xA Air Ride/Josh McCombs Name: Jash Styles aka Josh McCombs
    Product(s) Purchased: Gen1 Scion xB paddle valve air ride kit
    Testimony: I've had the kit for a few months now and no problems at all. When I purchased the kit, the guys at Scionpro were very helpful, respectful, and gave 110% customer service. Steve would even answer his calls late night to help a fellow customer out with an install. Was very quick to make sure all parts and pieces are with in the package. I have to honestly say, it's fun working with these guys when you order their products. Thanks to you guys at Scionpro for making this too easy. -Jash
  • xGangster Spoilers xGangster Spoilers Name: Clement Travert
    Product(s) Purchased: xGangster Spoiler, mid Spoiler, Front Visor.
    Testimony: I brought my car to Steve to help him do some fitment test on one of his kit. I drove 150 miles to meet him and what a surprise. I meet a very cool guy, very generous and proud of what he is doing. I felt like he cared about the car as much as I do.
    It's good to see that there is people like him out there really passionate about what they do. You know you're buying quality parts when you deal with that kind of individual. Great job Scionpro.
  • Zach Mance Zach Mance Name: Zach Mance
    Product(s) Purchased: 1st Gen xB Cruise Control
    Testimony: Easy install, detailed instructions. Steve is a great person to work with. I plan on doing more business with him in the future!
  • Chrome xB Hatch Handle Chrome xB Hatch Handle

    I ordered your chrome 1st gen Scion xB hatch handle a while ago and I just had to tell you guys WOW! Great looking part! I put it on the same day I got it, but it took me a lot longer than 20 minutes to install! (About 3 hours more because of those plastic caps on the hatch interior fabric! Those friggin' things are HARD to take off!) Thank you so much though, the part looks great on there and putting it on made me figure out why the factory handle broke. I went to get an oil change at Goodyear and asked the mechanics to tighten the hatch handle for me because it was a little loose a while back, and like you guys said on the installation pamphlet DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. I guess they did without knowing it would break and ended up shattering one of the screw adapters in the middle of the handle to pieces without telling me, just thought I should share that story with you guys, Thanks again! P.S. do your own oil changes!

    Jake Stanley - 02/08/2011

  • Chrome xB Hatch Handle Chrome xB Hatch Handle

    I got the new hatch handle and installed it today. Thanks for shipping it so fast!! When I had a problem with the dealer supplied nuts, you really went above and beyond to make sure my problem was solved. I wish everyone did business like you do. Thanks to you I am a very satisfied customer. You rock!

    Leigh Heyer - 09/29/2010

  • Chrome xB Hatch Handle Chrome xB Hatch Handle

    Great, prompt service. If anyone asks where to go for Scion parts, I will let them know.... ScionPro!

    DC Hough - 11/12/2010

  • Stainless Steel Window Trim /Frank Garcia Stainless Steel Window Trim /Frank Garcia Name:Frank Garcia SCIONRIDEZ HOUSTON
  • D2BD Coil Overs D2BD Coil Overs Name: Dane Owens
    I only got to ride it around the parking lot since half my box is still not assembled (missing bumper and headlights etc).

    My first reaction when I saw the suspension was that the quality is much better than the Tein's. I ditched the Tein rear shocks right off the bat because they are trash, the rear shocks that came with the D2BD coils are great, completely adjustable and beefy, I like beefy.

    The fronts surprised me because I didn't realize they had an adjustable base until I had them in my hands, that's another plus with this kit! Also like the top camber plates, that's another plus!

    I know I will be just as surprised and amazed with this suspension when I get to test it out on the roads, I have nothing bad to say about these, I will probably be the biggest pusher and advertiser on these coils because not only is the quality top notch, the service thru ScionPro is the best and you get stupid low with these, like unable to drive low, makes Tony look like a monster truck low haha.

    This was the first product I bought thru ScionPro and after the service I got I will be returning to get the stainless hatch handle and window trim, I will definitely be a returning customer and will recommend them to anybody.

    Im Back!
    Dane Gov'nor Owens
    I ran Tein SSP for 4 years and I had a strut break on me earlier in the year and I got the D2BD coils from Steve and lets just say they are the best suspension I have ever seen. I have been on Atlanta Motor Speedway for track days and they ...have held up with no problems at all for the 5000 miles I have put on them so far, even the finish is still shiny and top notch.

    Thanks Steve for such an amazing set of coilovers, I throw your name and website out to everyone I talk to with a Scion.

  • 08-11 Gen 2 xB Air Ride 08-11 Gen 2 xB Air Ride

    Just installed my kit. Ride and works perfectly, and I drive my xb everyday, Customer service was perfect even took a late night call to help me with the install. Scionpro customer for life.

    Jason Wells - 11/29/2010

  • Stainless Steel Window Trim Stainless Steel Window Trim

    I love the trim, the fit is perfect, great quality, great polish to the stainless...Its HOT!! Added some bling to the xB

    Daniel Mazurek - 03/20/2010

  • Chrome xB Hatch Handle Chrome xB Hatch Handle

    I love it! Took me less than 20 minutes to install, and works a treat.

    FYI - I didn't have a deep 10mm socket, but if careful, you can use a standard depth one. Just don't snap it onto the drive/extension-, let it rest over the end. It is easiest (and safest) to do that with the lift gate UP. Otherwise, the nut, and/or the socket, could drop down inside the door panel. Not a tragedy, but a pain. :)

    Gary Mason - 01/23/2010

  • Chrome xB Hatch Handle Chrome xB Hatch Handle

    Fit is perfect, installation is simple. Really brings out the rear end with some chrome accent. The one and only replacement to buy for the stock handle. Really really clean. Recommend.

    Glen Patricio - 09/26/2009

  • Stainless Steel Window Trim Stainless Steel Window Trim

    All I have to say is, Great Product! Had mine put over the weekend and I absolutely love them. They look great on my box!

    Nick Jasko - 08/31/2009

  • Chrome xB Hatch Handle Chrome xB Hatch Handle

    Wow! Thank you for this great handle and for the easy-to-follow instructions with the tool list.

    Not only is this hatch handle much nicer than the OEM handle that broke, but it was a much better price than the silver painted one that the dealer could get for me. Although I love cars, I am not super-mechanica-l, so it took me about 60-90 minutes to very slowly switch out the handles. (Shoulda had my wife do it--she changed the back brakes on a '64 ElCamino with a pair a pliers an a butter knife!) We are now proudly wearing a ScionPro.Com sticker on the xB and hope to buy more for our xb from you.

    John Mallinak - 08/25/2009

  • Stainless Steel Window Trim Stainless Steel Window Trim

    I love this trim, its the perfect addition to my 09 BSP. I have already had a few people ask me where I got as it does add a little more class to an already awesome car!

    Casey Goodman - 08/02/2009

  • Stainless Steel Window Trim Stainless Steel Window Trim

    I just wanted say this item has excellent quality and looks to accent your Gen1 Xb. a must item for those wanting that refined vip/jdm look for your ride.

    lookin-g forward to getting more items from scion pro.

    kudos scionpro!

    Erwin Dullas - 04/23/2009


    Easy to install and looks awsome!!! 2 thumbs up for Scionpro!! Ill be ordering more parts from them now i know quality is top-notch!!

    Aaron Ewers - 03/01/2009


    Great product, easy to install and really dresses the xB up. High quality stainless, easy to paint.

    Another Scionpro Winner!

    Boxzila Brant - 03/01/2009

  • 2008 xG Front Visor

    Just have a little more to add. I was very skeptical about the sealant holding this in place. I travel 110 miles a day on the highway and thought no way this will hold. I f you follow the directions supplied it works great it doesnt move. Thanks guys for the great product and all the help.

    Dennis Probus - 09/15/2008

  • 2008 xG Front Visor 2008 xG Front Visor

    This is a great product and very easy to install. Steve was more than helpful with all my questions and delivery was very fast. Look forward to doing more business with such a good company

    Dennis Probus - 09/01/2008

  • 08-11 Gen 2 xB Air Ride 08-11 Gen 2 xB Air Ride

    I got my kit, took it to get installed, only glitch had 2 right Struts, but they took care of me ASAP.. STEVE was on it quick.. About the Ride I love the way it rides,, it has a soft ride no bounce to it, I set it at 5 high, Since I am riding on 20" wheels the front at set to 73 and the rear at 45.. in all nice kit.. thanks Steve...

    By the way I got the first one, oh yeah bragging rights is nice..

    Miguel Gutierrez - 06/27/2008

  • 2008 xG Upper Rear Spoiler 2008 xG Upper Rear Spoiler

    Beautiful work of art!! I'm so glad I oredered this upper spoiler in CF. The quality is the best and it puts my other CF to shame.

    Jason Night - 03/06/2008

  • 2008 xG Side Skirts/Pair 2008 xG Side Skirts/Pair

    Thank you Scion Pro!!! I gave these to my painter and he said that he loves how the edges were already rounded and there was almost no prep to be done. It was like they were made to fit MY car exactly.

    Jason Night - 03/06/2008

  • 2008 xG Upper Rear Spoiler 2008 xG Upper Rear Spoiler

    I loved the quality of the rear wing as soon as it arrived at my home. It was masterfully designed and produced flawlessly. The kit looked wonderful. After getting it back from the painter the happiness and the appeal of the wing really popped . The lines were clean the curves were sexy, everything just flowed beautifully. Install was a snap, the instructions were written to exact oem specs so install was a breeze. After taking a step back and admiring my work, the looks gain were masterful. This rear wing is so much nicer and better looking then the oem wing. Its one off ness is a must for any gen2 enthusiast . Kudos to and dare 2 be different for a beautiful sexy wing that totally compliments the sleek lines of the xb2.

    David Luna - 03/04/2008

  • 2008 xG 3 pc Mid Wing 2008 xG 3 pc Mid Wing

    The mid spoiler is at first a pleasant new piece that and dare 2 be different have manufactured for the new gen2. Adding this revolutionary piece to the already new age looks of the gen2 xb only continuous to add the sleekness stream lines of the new design. The parts were wonderfully crafted to match the lines of the box perfectly. Each piece was a direct fit on the rear of the vehicle. The quality was awesome and the looks are even better. This is a great way to go for my gen2 and and dare 2 be different should be proud to offer a one of a kind addition to the new box!!

    David Luna - 03/04/2008

  • 2008 xG Front Visor 2008 xG Front Visor

    The 2008 scion XB front visor is a wonderfully produced piece. Upon arrival the quality of the product was extremely evident, from the formed materials to the primer already painted on. The styling of this piece give it a very retro old school feel complimenting the new age style of the 2008 scion XB. Installation was a breeze, install was quick and simple, and molding was perfect following the distinct curve of the scion XB’s roof. This peace was designed to stay forever, once installed this visor isn’t going anywhere. Driving with this visor was also very enjoyable, still utilizing the retro look ,the visor does not impair driving vision at all. On top of this all there is minimal to no road noise once this visor is installed. 2B Different Motorwerks has once again created a masterpiece to compliment the looks of the new 08 XB’s. Cant wait to experience more from this awesome one of a kind kit.

    David Luna - 02/17/2008

  • Chrome xB Hatch Handle Chrome xB Hatch Handle

    Ok, guess I'm slower than the other reviewers...too-k me a total of about 55/60 minutes from start to finish...really need to purchase that tool to remove the plastic screws from the back door to access the insides. This really helped---took it down to about 8 minutes just to remove the panel.

    Instructions were spot on correct!

    Had fun/just a little challenging to install...but always felt that it was a doable item!

    Does add pizazz to the rear door---a great buy!

    Dennis Yanos - 11/30/2007

  • Chrome xB Hatch Handle Chrome xB Hatch Handle

    Great product!
    Easy to install!
    Quali-ty is second to none!!!

    Charlie Sweeny - 10/17/2007

  • tC Stainless Steel Dead Pedal tC Stainless Steel Dead Pedal

    Excellent well designed looking product, but now with the backing of a simple rubber mouse pad this dead pedal cover is now a total perfect interior accessory… Ready to bling out any interior.

    Jorge Padron - 10/08/2007

  • TCAC108 Stainless Alternator Cover Polished TCAC108 Stainless Alternator Cover Polished

    Great piece a little tricky to get in but fits great, great install instructions.

    Jamie Cutler - 10/08/2007

  • TCBC106 Stainless Battery Cover Polished TCBC106 Stainless Battery Cover Polished

    Very nice this like the rest of these engine bay pieces are just incredible.

    Jamie Cutler - 10/07/2007

  • TCHG107 Stainless 4pc Perforated Header Guard w/ Removable heat TCHG107 Stainless 4pc Perforated Header Guard w/ Removable heat

    Great stuff, everything-g comes with it ,great directions for installation with all these parts.

    Jamie Cutler - 10/07/2007

  • TCFC103 Stainless Inner Fender Covers Polished TCFC103 Stainless Inner Fender Covers Polished

    This stuff is nothing short of just incredible, great fit and finish.

    Jamie Cutler - 10/07/2007

  • TCFF102 Stainless Firewall Polished TCFF102 Stainless Firewall Polished

    This, like all the panels, is just amazing. Great fit and finish, definitely a head turner.

    Jamie Cutler - 09/06/20071

  • Chrome xB Hatch Handle Chrome xB Hatch Handle

    Well the Wait was worth it. Steve gotta say thank you very much. The Handle looks great makes my box more like a JDM VIP.

    If anyone stops by give a call or email to Steve about this product or anything else you are looking for because SCIONPRO is the Place to be.

    Lukela Bagood - 08/26/2007

  • Chrome xB Hatch Handle Chrome xB Hatch Handle

    Steve wasn't kidding when he said this was a quality part. I'm very very picky when it come to parts and this passed with flying colors. Good work!

    Here are some links to the pics of mine:

    Joshua Brumfield - 08/07/2007

  • TCES104 Stainless Factory Engine Shroud Polished TCES104 Stainless Factory Engine Shroud Polished

    This stuff is awesome great fit and finish, Steve and co are great people to deal with. Thanks for the win at nopi. The judges couldn’t get over it and I’m sure that’s what got me it.

    Jamie Cutler - 08/06/2007

  • COMPLETE! Engine Kit COMPLETE! Engine Kit

    This kit is absolutely STUNNING! You will get the ooohs, and ahhhhs when you hit up all the shows for sure! Definitely will make people blush when you open up the engine bay, haha! Really though, this kit is extraordinary.

    The stainless steel kit is something to see in person to appreciate, the bling factor CRAZY! Dont forget you can get the pieces custom etched with any design you want. Dont be boring, do something WICKED!

    If you want something clean, something sleek, something SEXY, look no other than this SS kit that offers. Set yourself apart from the rest of the tC's in your area. this kit is a MUST HAVE!!

    Eugene Mendiola - 03/18/2007

  • xB Chrome Mirror Covers xB Chrome Mirror Covers

    First off let me say thanx for the fast shipping! I didn't expect them to get in here in 3 days.

    Now about the Chrome Mirror Covers. I'm loving them. I was looking for something that was going to make my car pop and this was it.

    So if you are deciding to get them. Consider this:
    1. Easy Installation. It took like 30 seconds.
    2. Dope look to your ride. People are going to stare.
    3. All around solid look for your Scion (oh and great price too).

    So hurry up and get them. I'm about to send in some of my pics now. I'm the one with the Silver Scion.

    thanx Steve!

    A. Laws - 03/14/2007

  • TCHP100 Stainless Hood Panel Polished TCHP100 Stainless Hood Panel Polished

    OMFG! That was literally the words that came to my mouth when I first saw my custom hood panel! I had a custom etch done to my hood panel. It came out STUNNING! I was told it was the best etching to date! If you need something nice, something clean, and something that can truely set you apart from the crowd, then you have to get a hood panel! Hell, just buy the entire Stainless steel kit for the tC!! You can't go wrong at all! Its simply something that no one else offers, and to top it off you can get any design you want etched onto it for an additional fee. You want proof of how badass it can be? Then check out the links below of my custom hood panel!!


    Thanks Steve!!

    Eugene Mendiola - 03/02/2007

  • TCES104 Stainless Factory Engine Shroud Polished TCES104 Stainless Factory Engine Shroud Polished

    Hey Steve,

    Just received my polished engine shroud. All I can say is "It's AWESOME." Can't wait to get my other items I ordered. Thanks so much for the fast response on the email. I will definitely recommend your product to the other club members.

    Thanks Kevin Shimabuku Nor Cal Scikotics

    Stephen Saporito - 02/18/2007

  • COMPLETE! xB Stainless Engine Kit COMPLETE! xB Stainless Engine Kit

    This kit is awesome, completely transforms the engine bay from street to show. Steve @ Scionpro is very on the ball and has been great for communication before and after the sale. The kit only takes a few minutes to install, the directions were easy to read and everything went together well. Every car differs a little, and the kit allows for some adjustment. The response at shows has been awesome, everyone stops to look when you pop the hood and everything is shining.

    David Fotheringham - 09/15/2006

  • Stainless Side Headlight Plates Stainless Side Headlight Plates

    Everyone knows me as Evildave. I have these parts on my Xb and I love them . They go on very easy and fast. These things shine like there's no tomorrow! Also if you really want to turn heads have them etched like I did and make them your own!!

    David Ernst - 09/14/2006

  • Stainless Hood PanelPolished Stainless Hood PanelPolished

    Ordered my custom hood mirror panel and got in short order. Communication was excellent and contact was kept with me throughout the process. Merchandise received in good order and LOOKS GREAT. Look for my Old Yeller hood mirror at meet and greets in Southern California!! Product is quality and Service great!

    Dave Dalby - 09/04/2006

  • TCAC108 Stainless Alternator Cover Polished TCAC108 Stainless Alternator Cover Polished

    Great product. I only wish I had a Scion to put it on.

    Jeff Beard - 09/04/2006