4th of July Celebration! 4th of July Celebration!

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White Scion

Scion and Southeast Toyota have decided to create this fabulously fun competition to bring awareness to the Scion brand, highlight factory TRD, TMS, and SET parts as well as the ability to personalize your Scion.

The entire event is creating a buzz as team Scionpro's and Team Club Joe's build our cars in secrecy. We have been given an allotment for factory parts as well as 5000 cash for outside vendor parts/labor as well as free reign to get as much free stuff as possible to make these cars stellar.

Both cars will be revealed at the Miami International Car show on Oct 23rd and then will tour the country for your vote! At the end of the tour both cars will be auctioned off to benefit several charities. So please join both teams on Facebook in the fun and excitement as we taunt each other with our projects... there are even spies involved! Bada Bing.... Forgetaboudit!