Lets Play Tag!

How many times have you been driving down the road and seen the rear hatch handle of a 04-06 Scion xB hanging off, taped up , glued on , rigged in crazy ways to stay on??? I saw six alone today in my little corner of the world! Brevard County FL .The factory handle has serious design flaws and just snaps off in your hand randomly and without warning! Replacing it with another factory handle will not solve your problem....but I can!  If you do not already know, D2BD Motorwerks, manufactures the D2BD xB hatch handle that does not break. It is fully re-engineered , is a full replacement to your existing handle , comes with all mounting hardware!, and a FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY ON THE CASTING ONE YEAR ON THE FINISH! To top that off I make it in Brilliant Chrome, Stylish Brushed Aluminum Look , Modern Carbon Fiber Look, All The Factory Paint Match Colors, Primer Ready to paint for custom paint jobs or economy price and now ALL the RS series colors as well. So to make things FUN, I have come up with the TAG a xB Game! All you need to do is email me steve@d2bdmotorwerks.com with your mailing address and I will send you for FREE a set of 20 cards to TAG other Scion xB owners that have a broken handle. You will receive a coupon worth TEN DOLLARS towards any purchase of the D2BD Motorwerks  xB Hatch Handle! Everyone wins!,  you have helped a fellow Scion owner out of misery and pocketed a nice discount for yourself. If you have just purchased a hatch handle, game cards and a ten dollar coupon towards your next purchase will be included in your package. I thank you in advance for your participation in the TAG A SCION XB Hatch Handle Game! NOW GET OUT THERE AND TAG SOME xB's!!! FORGETABOUDIT!
xB Hatch Handle TAG Game!