NOPI NationalsScionpro.com hit the NOPI Nationals in Georgia 2006 like a ton-a-bricks! We showed up with the Stainless Steel tC, the Scionpro Funky Disco Taxi, the His Son xB owned by Pastor Matt sponsored by Scionpro and the Mad Sciontist Clint Gamache of Scion Dynasty with his Scionpro sponsored RS 3.0. The weather was perfect. The cars were hot and people were out in force. The only thing wrong was that there were not enough SCIONS. There was a sea of Hondas and only 80 to 100 Scions tops, if that. Where is everybody? Scion should have dominated this event in the South!

At least I can say that the cars that did show up were all high and tight. Mods everywhere ... clean unique themes, paint, engine upgrades, wheels and stereo's. This is what Scion is about!

Mike Kennedy and Tom Beddia of Southeast Scion hosted a group of Scion Leads and Managers from the top performing Scion stores in the region at NOPI...thankfully, I was one of them by the skin of my teeth. After our meeting it was like Christmas! They hooked us up with Scionman Logo safari style shirts and hats to keep us cool at the show. Laptop bags and Scion Spin # 3 discs were also in the mix....not to mention the great meal and drinks on the house....oh and the hotel too! These boys know how to roll! Thanks to Michelle Dunaj for the excellent accommodations and fantastic direction cards to get us safely to and from the track.When we arrived at the show we were introduced to Chris Rado! and were able to take a bunch of photo's with him...Thanks Chris! I have never met a more personable celebrity completey untouched by his fame. He checked out all our cars, played video games, gave some good pointers, threw out a few good jokes and just thrilled the crowd. If you can't tell I was really excited at this show.You have got to be there to feel the electricity in the air!

Back at the Funky Disco Taxi and the Stainless tC we were swamped with curious on lookers checking out the newly designed dress up parts. They were absolutely blinding in the sun. The 90 Degree doors on the Scionpro Taxi were also a big hit.These are prototypes, however, the production slimline hinges will be available in approximately 30-45 days. We will take pre-orders next week. Flying high these hinges are solid, smooth, fully adjustable, and put the door clean out of the way! Thanks to William at 1OFFRIDES.com in Orlando for hooking up the Taxi with the doors and new stereo from Cadence. Completely hand fabricated and smooth as ice...this system can rock the house! He even fabricated an Art Deco styled disco ball mount utilizing a vcr motor with a speed regulator! Lighted from the frosted plexi plate the soft glow shimmers off of the disco ball! This piece reflects Williams amazing talent in creating pieces that look original to the design of the car.

On Sunday, we met up with Auto Week photographer Wesley Hunt of Hunt photography for an exclusive shoot at an old mill that was built in 1888. Cakes dawned on her best Taxi costumes and had a blast.This place was teaming with history and lent itself well to the industrial theme of the Scionpro website. Look for these photos on Scionpro.com next week. Our trip home was smooth and free of traffic. The following day we received the news from one of our sponsored rides Martin/Stainless tC prototype........pre 8am......Steve... Steve.. you up yet? ....you won! I said what? You won man you did it! congrats! So the icing on the cake to a great weekend. The Scionpro Funky disco Taxi gets its most coveted award to date NOPI Nationals 2006 1st place Street Division xB! Thanks to our fans, supporters, and sponsored rides that joined us at NOPI.

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