Da fun stuff

Talkin about last minute preparations Scion Steve and Cakes almost didnt make it to da show! Da boyz at Audio Specialties and Dolphin Graphix(William & Joeseph) worked dare buts off installing and wiring up da new seats for da Taxi till 9;30 pm Friday night. Poor Joes wife even stood by and watched with da patience of a saint. You see they were wiring up the electro luminescent lighting tubes that were stitched into the seat to make them light up like a limo! Bada Bing! It looks amazin! Anyway we made it to da show 6am in da mornin and ended up sleapin in da truck till da setup crew showed. We pulled in da Taxi and set it up. We also brought the all new Scion Mobility Cruiser. Its an XB wit a ramp and an automatic hatch! Howdoya like dat! We were surrounded by a whole crew of bad boy and girl Scions especially da major award winning Tc next to us. Then the pictures started and da filming...so much excitement and dis is jus da beginnin!

Da cars just kept comin...hundreds of dem. Scion corporate had tons of activities and famous people too like Chris Rado! Wow! does dat boy ride in style or should I say stylz. He had several seriously customized Scions wit him as did Scion Motors. Dare was an X-Box game room, henna tattoo artists,DJ's, dance competitions, swag bags,food and drinks, and lots of free give aways at the end of da day.Cakes couldnt resist da henna tattoos and had both her hand done! Dese boyz at S.E.T. know how to trow a party!

Cakes took a ton of pics for yous guys to see! Competion was stiff. The customization is gettin better and better at every show. In the middle of da day we got to see how not to do nitrous when dare was a Bada Boom! Every one went runnin. Sad thing to see a fellow Scionite wit a car in flames...on da bright side no one was injured. Then some guyzs pulled in wit a trailer queen and boy was she HOT! Dis XB was smokin wit its custom paint job and radical stereo sytem. I aint never heeeard a system soooo clear! Diablo doors, blingin wheels she was the winner hands down! Congratulations guys! Da Scion Taxi didnt do so bad herself winnin Best in Class XB!

Another show another win ! Da Scionpro Taxi is four for four now. Scion Steve and Cakes appreciate your support and votes. As we grow we hope that you all come wit us. Dis Scion thing is just a baby!

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Scion Steve.