4th of July Celebration! 4th of July Celebration!

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Holly macaroni can da boys at Central Florida Scion throw a car Show!
Just pullin in was exciting! All da cars were lined up being greeted by a team of people making registration a breeeeze. Dare was all kinds of cars....Scions (over 50 in all) Suv's, trucks, Vipers, Vettes, Mustangs, Acuras, Hondas and more.

My favorites to mention a few included a group of old school Datsuns and Toyotas from da 70's and early 80's ,a pair of RX-8's and a 3Z of HIN quality, and da best of all da Shrek mobile given da finga! AAA Ohhh! FORGETABOUDIT!

Dat boy knows how to trow some attitiude. Da Scarface xB was also a tuff one to beat. Scion Evolution had da best club turn out and display wit over 20 Scions struttin dare stuff. Now da Central Fla Boyz even had a hot dawg vendor given out drinks and dawgs all night long for free! Da radio station 95.3 was beltin out da Latin tunes wit people dancin all over.

Cakes was given out candy to all da kids and takin lots of pictures wit da fans and da Scionpro Taxi. It all ended wit the award give away and guess what? Da Scionpro Taxi won da BEST OF SHOW Scion Xb, howdaya like dat! Cakes and me were thrilled....we could barely fit da thing in the car it was so huge! We had a blast. Check us out at da next show!

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