In today's day and age being politically correct has become the rule. It would be totally against the grain to label a group of people with one bold description but you know what? Scion has succeeded in going against the grain. As a matter of fact my personal trademark is Dare 2-B Different, so here it goes....Scion owners as a whole are MODEST! There I said it. Webster defines modest as 1) Freedom from conceit or vanity. 2)Propriety in dress speech or conduct. Where does this come from you may ask? Personal experience. In going to shows, talking to Scion owners in person and online through my website (scionpro.com) I have found this group from coast to coast to be extremely modest about themselves, their cars and the shops that build some fabulous rides. Scion is as much about the people as it is about the cars.

Erica Mata of Elegance Customz of Houston Texas is one such person. I received an e-mail about a month ago asking to post a picture of the Elegance Customz xB. When I opened the file my eyes fell out of my head! This car was absolutely stunning and the photography was of professional quality. Of course I will post this car on my site I responded. Well that was not enough, I wanted to know more about Erica and the shop that built the car. It took some coercion to finally receive a MODEST response "ok... well this is my description to the Scion" (see bottom for complete stats) Following the stats "about the shop...still a home based but pretty much everybody knows about because of recommendations and also through car shows".  In conclusion "This is a real small business that we started of car and truck accessories and a small car club of only 5 cars so far...." Considering the stats on this car Erica should be touting this car all over. I have no doubt that Elegance Customz will be a force to reckon with in the Scion customization arena. (Click here to see more pics.) This is a commonplace response from people that are making a huge impact on automotive culture.

Looking at the second part of the definition of MODEST I like the word conduct. Have you ever noticed that if you are driving a Scion that other Scion owners will wave at you or flash the head lights? Scion has created a unity among people that own these cars. Recently at Scion Invasion in Hollywood I witnessed complete and total modesty in how the cars were displayed and how openly others appreciated as well as complemented their fellow competitors. This is not such a common thing in other automotive gatherings. Even the people with custom music systems were courteous in not overshadowing others with excessively loud playing. Sharing and consideration was everywhere. I had a great time and met some very interesting people with a variety of personalization concepts. Am I looking through rose colored glasses? I sure hope not. This train has just barely pulled out of the station!

Elegance Customz xB White L.E.D. under carriage lighting
(In only 3 1/2 months!)  Black and grey leather seats
3 piece billet grille chrome dipped not polished custom billet dash
projector headlights with halos 7'in dash screen cd/am/fm/mp3 Sony
L.E.D. turn signals  Pioneer aftermarket speakers
8000k hid kit In dash dvd/cd/mp3/tv tuner for local channels/vcd/dvcd/svcd/jpeg Kodak disc w/multiview angles
JDM tailights debadge xB put DUB
6.5" screens in headrest as well as outlooking 7.2" in windows air ride suspension front and rear compressors 5 gal. tank
power converter to 12v x50 passport radar  18' ice rims w/225/40/18 tires
and lastly a 30" flat screen tv!  

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Scion Steve.