4th of July Celebration! 4th of July Celebration!

Steve@d2bdmotorwerks.com for Airride Deals!

Now that's what I'm talking about: tuners, polishing their rides in the rain! It just did not matter.

What a showing - over three hundred Scions present in the first annual southeast event.  Wow! We were able to meet a lot of great people like Cheryl and Dianne from Scion-Dynasty with a large showing.  Tctunerz was there as well, doing a radical body build up on a TC live in the rain!

If you want to make your TC fast - not Honda fast, I'm talking Porsche fast, yeah your eyes are working fine, I said Porshe fast - check out the Scion Speed/JAMSCO race engineering team for your need for speeeed!!!!

Thanks to Mike Kennedy and his hard working well coordinated team for making it all possible.  SCIONPRO.COM was proud to attend this event, and look forward to contributing to future events as we grow to meet our future clients needs.

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P.S. Enjoy the pics below, all from Exposed.